Our revolutionary patent pending mega soft, super stretchy material provides an even comfortable cool compression for fingers of all sizes.

Reusable, non-toxic, latex-free material promotes safe and drug-free pain relief

Cold Compression




Fingers & Toes

NO NEED TO FREEZE hands, feet or fingertips to ice and compress for pain relief. No more being stuck on the couch!


Struggling with sore, painful, and aching wrists? Quick soothing relief with the Penguin Fingers Cryotherapy Compression Pack.

Gear Guide 2020: Penguin Fingers Review

“I slid them on. A mere five minutes…mitigated the soreness…”

The development and support of talented athletes
is a key tenet of the success of Penguin Fingers.


One of the strongest female climbers in the sport, Kyra took home gold at the 2019 U.S. Climbing Combined Invitational. She followed that up by qualifying for the 2020 Summer Olympics at the IFSC Combined Qualifier in Toulouse, France, and is one of only 3 American Sport Climbers qualified for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.


Marcelo Cohen was born in 1983 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He started his martial arts training in judo at the age of 9. At 16, he was introduced to jiu-jitsu and began training under Saporito, a Carlsen Gracie black belt.


Andi is an avid 22 year old rock climber from Southern California. She was introduced to the sport of climbing in 2016 and a new hobby quickly became a passion. Dedicated to the climber’s lifestyle of constant improvement, Andi spends all of her spare time either bouldering or expanding her skills at the climbing gym.


Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt John Combs grew up just North of LA, competing in wrestling during high school, and receiving NCWA All-American wrestling honors while attending college at CU Boulder. John’s life changed in 2010 when he discovered Brazilian jiu-jitsu at Easton Training Center in Boulder, CO.

Marcelo Cohen

Marcelo Cohen was born in Brazil, starting martial arts training  at  9.

Kyra Condie

Kyra is a 23 yr old professional climber based in Salt Lake City, UT.

John Combs

Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt John Combs grew up just North of LA.

Andi Stull

Andi is an avid 22 year old rock climber from Southern California. 

What Is Cold Compression?

Effective for treating:  Arthritis
Carpal Tunnel
Finger Sprains & Strains
Sporting injuries
Gaming fatigue
Sore, hard-working, swollen and stiff fingers!


About Penguin Fingers

Years of development initiated by a need for a simple treatment for finger, toe and wrist pain.

With over a decade as a Black Belt jiu jitsu instructor, our founder was enduring a post-workout experience described as “sand in my joints”, with a constant soreness and development of pre-arthritic conditions. Seeking a solution for himself  and a desire for relief for his students, the mission commenced. After many incarnations and testing of materials, the hypoallergenic, nontoxic, ultra-stretchy AND reusable design of today’s Penguin Fingers if offered to ease inflammation for ANYONE suffering from finger, toe or wrist discomfort.

You don’t have to just live with the pain.

Contact us, alleviate pain!