Elbow/Kids Knee Pack Therapy Sleeve

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  • Hot Cold Ice Gel Pack Sleeve – A more comfortable way to relieve inflammation, aches and pains, and injury discomfort your wearable ice pack provides soothing hot or cold therapy so you can get your body back on track and feel better fast.
  • Target Specific Aches and Pains – This hot and cold therapy ice pack was specifically designed to wrap around the elbows, ankles, feet, forearms, wrists, and other joints to help provide more tailored relief when and where you need it most.
  • Soft, Flexible, and Stretchy Neoprene – Our ice pack wrap is filled with a fast-freezing gel that allows this hot cold compress to conform to your body, which provides a more comfortable, therapeutic experience over hard ice packs.
  • Recovery Faster by Reducing Inflammation – Wearing our pain relief ice pack on your muscles and joints can reduce pain caused by sprains, strains, and other injuries while also minimizing swelling, so you can get back to being active.
  • Warm It Up or Cool It Down – A versatile design that provides both hot and cold support our compress can be kept in the freezer to provide ice-cold relief or placed in the microwave and warmed up to create a more relaxing heat.

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