Knee Warm/Cold Compression Therapy Sleeve

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    • Wearable Knee Ice Pack – A larger hot cold compress than standard sleeves ours is specifically designed for knee joints, thighs, calves, biceps, and other areas of the body, reduce pain and inflammation where it matters.
    • Help Relieve Pain and Inflammation – Worn over stiff muscles and aching joints this warm or cold ice gel pack can help reduce swelling and improve blood flow which allows your body to recover more quickly while helping to relieve pain and discomfort.
    • Form-Fitting, Flexible Odorless – Penguin Fingers hot and cold therapy ice packs are made with high-density, lightweight material that stretches and conforms to your body while providing compression and cold or warm therapy
    • Reduce Post-Injury Recovery Times – Using heat and ice on injuries is not only a great way to limit pain or stiffness but also reduce overall recovery time. This can help you to get back to being active more quickly at home, work, and in the gym.
    • Hot and Cold Compression Therapy – One of the best aspects of the Penguin Fingers ice pack wrap is that it can be kept in the freezer to provide instant cold therapy compression or warmed up in the microwave in seconds for soothing heat therapy.

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