Head Warm/Cold Migraine Therapy Weighted Sleeping Cap

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    • Warm and Cold Therapy Compress – A wearable cap that can be slipped over the head and eyes this ice pack head wrap provides much-needed relief from tension headaches, migraines, and sinus pressure by slowing natural nerve conduction.
    • Stretchy, Form-Fitting Compression – Our migraine relief cap is made with a soft, flexible neoprene material that’s easy to wrap around the head, forehead, eyes, and all the way to the cheeks, so you can enjoy soothing relief where it matters most.
    • Stay Relaxed and Minimize Distractions – Wearing a Penguin Fingers cold and hot compress over the eyes and head can block out light and distractions that further exacerbate your headaches. This allows you to focus on recovery without added stimulation.
    • Relieve Headaches and Migraines Fast – Lightweight and comfortable enjoying a hot or cold therapy compress ice pack head wrap can help relieve pain behind the eyes, temples, and back of the head so you can start feeling like yourself again quickly.
    • Gentle and Supportive Design – A one-size-fits-most design our head ice pack wrap can be kept in the freezer or warmed up in the microwave to provided two different types of therapeutic support. Ideal for helping restore your natural physical balance.

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