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on April 12, 2017

I severely injured my big toe. Ever tried to ice a toe with a regular icepack? Fugeddaboutit. I had low expectations since this item looked like it might be usable only on fingers (and maybe on the smaller toes), but was surprised to see it actually fit over the toe with only a bit of coaxing. It’s especially worth noting that it stays flexible even it’s just out of the freezer. Recommended.

on March 2, 2017
Worked like a charm. I jammed my finger horribly playing basketball last week and ordered a one these on a whim. I don’t heal as quickly as I used to and my knuckle was ballooned out with swelling. My wife is a nurse and said “compression & ice” which is what i searched fore. This came in a day and was SUPER EASY to actually keep on my finger vs. my regular ice pack or the drippy bag of ice I tried to use and actually stayed put just on my finger, was comfortable and the compression with the cold made the swelling go down really quickly. The best part is, it comes with two so you can ice with one while the other refreezes and swop em out. Where where these when I was in high school???

on April 7, 2017
Great product that I wish I would have had years ago and maybe avoided having crooked fingers now. Years of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kempo and some Judo on top of guitar playing have hammered my fingers. After training, Penguin Fingers are perfect. They fit snugly and work great. Much nicer than straight ice, good compression and 360 application. I recommend them without reservation whatsoever.

on May 8, 2017
Purchased for my son who had a strained tendon on his middle finger from rock climbing. Some knucklehead kid at his school threw a chair and of course it ended up hitting him ended and breaking the growth plate on the very same finger the same day I this arrived!!! He has made good use of this product & it couldn’t have come at a better time. Really easy to use, even on a painful broken finger. I’m going to order another pack to have on stand by. Terrific product!

on May 2, 2017
I bought these for pain relief for trigger finger, and wish I had known about them before now. They do get really cold whether frozen or just left in the fridge. You definitely can’t leave them on for very long, but they really help with inflammation and pain. I’m glad I found them!

on May 8, 2017
Need it to Heal an injury in my bruised bone on my middle finger. It’s a bit time consuming but this is the only product that to the spot from first and middle knuckle!

on March 4, 2017
I had to ice two fingers with torn ligaments, so I was greatfjl to get two in a pack. Also, it’s nice to still have one frozen, ready to go, after the other’s reached room temp. They’re so fun to play with!😂Make a for good PT exercise! I would recommend lining your finger with a tissue first before sliding it on.

on February 20, 2017

Life saver, my swollen arthritic fingers feel 100% better after using this for just five minutes. Much better then the other ones I’ve used. Perfect size and the tight compression from the stretchy sleeve 1,000 better fit and it actually does what it says, Compression.
Thank You Penguin Fingers.

The ice packs work great on my carpal tunnel. I use them for a couple of minutes and it helps ease my carpal tunnel pain

We love these! Buying more. Work well for the adults and kids in our family (youngest is 5)

I injured my toe and I could not get larger ice packs to easily stay where I needed it. The Penguin Ice sleeve is exactly what I was looking for! Works great!

These really help when my arthritis is acting up. Perfect size for my small fingers.

Grade product, effective

Great product – it works

Great product!!!

Jammed my finger quite bad doing Brazilian Jiujitsu. Was looking for a way to ice my finger and to my surprise, my Jiujitsu professor had recommended these the same day.

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